February 11, 2013

live from the snow globe

and there was basketball, too. Della is the next Michael Jordan. Not. She keeps us laughing, though.
constant back seat wrestling....we need to be sponsored by white strips...their teeth are gruesome...what's up?
Oh the snow. We spent the weekend frolicking in the white stuff. Fat, fluffy flakes, flew all day Saturday and Sunday and they are still coming down. If you want to feel mandated to take a deep cleansing breath, then move to a mountain town and wait for weather. I can't explain it. When the snow starts falling it's as if the mayor of all things good and right hits the slow-mo button. Another cup of coffee, hot cocoa all around, extra whipped cream, yes, please. And then tea, why not? We spent the days skiing, with muscles weary in a good way that demands recuperative dark chocolate and cold beer by the wood stove. The kids fall into a deep sleep the minute they hit the flannel. 

Someone should probably do some shoveling. And some plowing. But the path to the woodpile is clear and there is chicken stock and enough leftovers to make (another) pot of soup. Family is coming to visit  from Georgia, so this week will be a full one. A lot more skiing. And shut up, it's Valentine's too. My favorite holiday. I love love, you know. 

I would be remiss not to share this link for a darling free Valentine printable for all the little girls out there. Della is all over these! 

hope your week is lovely!


  1. Oh the snow.....it sounds like perfection! As for the teeth? I may or may not edit my boys pictures on the blog with a little teeth whitening tool ;) So no judging over here! Enjoy your family, the snow and Valentine's Day! Your week looks like it will be awesome indeed!

  2. Oh it sounds like an amazing weekend. Enjoy the time with your family and Valentine's Day :)

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