February 15, 2013

dear landlord

Dear Landlord,

I am seriously considering painting the kitchen hot pink. Don't you think that would be awesome? It's a quick fix that packs a lot of punch. You'll be blown away, I'm pretty sure. Because you like the room that I did in rainbow, don't you? And the peacock blue really transformed the laundry closet. And I know you probably hated all that fake panelling that we totally painted over. And the little bathroom was just crying out to be collaged with kid's art. And I love the whole idea of blood oranges...the fruit, the color, the entrance hall needed that sort of boldness.

Matt painted the exterior. You noticed that, I'm guessing. And if you walk around back,there's a fun mural on the back of the house. Della painted the mailbox, not me, so feel free to dock her allowance when it comes time to refund our deposit.

Matt also closed in the garage and attached a shed. I hope that's fine.

So painting the kitchen hot pink is really no big thing.

In truth, it's a nod towards consistency. I'm doing you a favor.

You're welcome.

Your loving tenant,


A note about our landlord.
What a sweet heart. He reminds me of my dad. He's strong and somber.  We're a little boisterous and always happy to see him and eventually he smiles and shakes his head. He ate dinner the other night after he wrestled a plumbing problem. His quiet just soaking up our high octane. He was over when we ate the snake. I think he knows me well enough to expect the kitchen to be something other than boring sage green. I'd like to be a fly on the wall when the next set of tenants move in and speculate on what sort of crack-head gypsies preceded them.

I have only one thought on it all.

It beats beige.



  1. Go big (bold) or go home. Oh wait it is home! Helen

  2. ..yep, you're one of those coloful creative types...and I bet your landlord soaks it right up. Beigesmeige!

  3. I say go for hot pink. My kitchen is 60's orange and I love it.

  4. Go for it I say. Hot pink rocks.

  5. Would be a nice happy color to have around as you prepare meals.

    I am planning on lime green for my den walls, just waiting for Mike to be out of town for a few days...it's better that way ;)

  6. Paint--one more way to live on the wild side--love it! p.s. YOU are the spittin image of Della!! Thanks for sharing the fun pic.
    pps. Just booked all our flights to Durango for 10 people (3 others are driving), rented 2 Suburbans and are gearing up for Christmas 2013!!!! So excited for the winter adventure ahead!! xoxo

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