July 23, 2013

the haunted bathroom

These pictures are just to prove that Lewis isn't always faced with terror and intimidation. In general, he's got it pretty good. Scuba diving in a beehive crater and off season ski practice at Snogression.
We have a small house. No long dark halls or damp basements. No lurking attic or ominous closets. It's a shame really, I'd love a shadowy nook or two. All the same, my children are quite able to freak themselves out for a cheap thrill. I like to help out, when I can.

The other night, Lewis, age 11 (which I only mention because he SHOULD have outgrown things like this) refused to use the tiny bathroom off of our living room. He was scared. It's itty bitty....maybe two by three feet. Matt and I were on the sofa a scant two yards from the 'haunted' bathroom.

"Oh please!" I said "there's not even room for anything scary to fit in there."

But then I thought about it for a second.

"Actually, a very slender being could wrap itself around the base of the toilet bowl."

And sometimes in a marriage you have those moments of bright, shining beauty where you realize that soul mates occupy their very own cosmic plane of perfection, because Matt said....

"It could also easily wedge itself up into the ceiling."

Lewis is just staring at us, about to wet his pants, because he always waits till the very last moment to go.

I nodded.

"And it would just DROP DOWN onto you." I use arm motions.

"Onto your soul." adds Matt.


  1. Oh Ivey! You have us laughing heartily tonight! Thanks ;)

  2. Too funny! Sounds like something my mother-in-law would do.

  3. Ivey - you can't stop blogging, see? You just can't do it. Too many good stories. Yay for us. xo

  4. Brutal.
    And wouldn't you know... I've waited until the last minute, too.
    Downstairs bathroom is haunted by teenage boys. Not safe for my soul!

  5. i needed this. belly laughs. sometimes an opportunity is just to good to pass it up.

  6. The haunted bathroom looks awesome and I think the kids enjoy playing here.

  7. Thanks for sharing this kind of blog. It helps me a lot. More power to all of you!!

  8. Lots of great information and inspiration. Congratulations to you :)

  9. Kids just want to have fun. i really miss that diving underwater and snorkeling
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