February 19, 2013

I was surfing a new favorite blog and voila. There it was. Sometimes it takes a photo to jell the vision. Max was looking over my shoulder. "You should paint our kitchen that color." he said.

"Yes, hell, I should. Because this life is not a dress rehearsal." I said.

It's the real dang thing.


{My mom would probably call this 'a wild hair'. Do you have any of those? Wild hairs, I mean. Do tell.}


  1. Perfect - I painted my laundry room a caribbean blue - then maybe I could daydream of being on the beach while doing laundry. I think great colors can inspire amazing food - kitchens should feel alive and fun!!!! You go girl - with your wild hair and all.
    Chey xo

  2. Yes, just do it, it will be fabulous!

    Yes, I get those wild hairs sometimes, like the time I decided I was done living with carpet and started pulling it all up. Thank goodness I live with a man who knows how to put in hardwood floors or I might have had a little problem.

  3. Fushia is one of my fave colors right now- I painted the kitchen table that color- you will love it- go for it!
    My wild hair was when hubby was in Desert Storm...many moons ago- to make time pass quicker I painted two ginormous fish murals on 2 walls in the kitchen- 9 mos later when he cam home- I painted over them "closure"...weird, I know.

  4. In the first house that we renovated the walls in the living room were purple, the trim was orange and the ceiling was bright pink. I had a wall of ornate gold mirrors and lazy palms in the corner. Silk and down pillows in various jewell tones.

  5. Do it! Do it! I once painted a rental bedroom very close to that color. It was actually a little more berry-smoothie colored, but goodness, I Loved it!

  6. Fabulous!!!! I agree with everyone else here, Do it!!!!


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