February 25, 2013

last week

The Georgia cousins came for a visit. We skied and soaked and hung out with the clan at Granne and Grandaddy's. Have I mentioned that there are LOTS of cousins? The grands are very kid friendly. Do you take Foosball with your tea?

I'm certain that when they designed the closet, they had this, the ultimate fort, in mind.
(there are 5 kids in there hiding)

This photo is not blurry. Hello Pagosa Hot Springs...perfect after a day at Wolf Creek.

We got our fill of the snow and headed to the high desert. We hiked to this Navajo ruin and soaked up the sun.

The boys found this swing and played Della ball...very similar to tether ball.

Lewis said his favorite part was repeatedly busting through this frozen creek bed into the frigid waters.

OK. Now we're ready for more snow.

They ski hard. And that's still not enough.

They come home and 'urban' in the back yard. That means that they build jumps and ramps and do tricks.

Which may or may not land you right here.

He actually did this up at the mountain and it's a doozy. After the swelling goes down, he will get a cast, and the good doctor says that he can ski with it. Carefully. 

For now it's the Peanuts gang and some pampering.

Last week was winter break. It felt like a month, it was so jam packed with work and play and family and fun and a wee bit of calamity. There was a car wreck. Everyone is fine, but the car. We made chai and baked a lot. As usual, there were lots of kids around. The kitchen did not get painted. Hell, it hardly got cleaned. And so on and so forth.

Which brings me to this.

I am signing off.

I have loved this space. I love you, my readers. Until I can figure out how to make this blogging business more of, well, a business...I need to quit dabbling. Does that make sense? Sometimes it feels ridiculously self indulgent. On the other hand, all this writing has shown me my voice and that's not nothing. It has become my 'art form of choice' and I'm wondering if it's taking away from or contributing to a more financially viable endeavor. In short, it's a hobby that I can't afford if it's not going somewhere that is well defined.  So I am going to be doing some figuring and thinking and brain storming about what it is, if anything, that I have to offer the world via the inter webs.

And I'll let you know when I figure it all out.

I'll let you know right here, so don't unsubscribe.

Thank you for all your words of wisdom and kind thoughts over the years...you are all very dear to me and I will miss you so dang much. I really will.

Big Love Always from me to you,

Your Friend,



  1. Looks like a wonderful weekend well spent!Beautiful images of all of you having fun in nature- sorry for the poor lad in the hospital- no fun, I hope he heels up real soon.
    As for you Ivey I hope you will find your way- your blog is so fun and interesting to read- and I love your words- excellent writer you are. Wishing there is a way that you can continue here in blogland and make it work so it "works" for you.
    Love to you- peace out beansprout.

  2. Oh man, I love reading your blog, I will miss your fun and spirited view of the world. Good luck with your path, let us know how it all ends up.

  3. Well then. I guess we'll just have to hang out more in real life. xo

  4. Also, thank you for all the beauty, laughter, inspiration...but especially the laughter.

  5. Dang....I'm gonna miss all the fun ya'll have!

  6. you and your voice will be missed.
    if you ever want someone to brainstorm with or bounce ideas off of, i'm here :)

  7. You will be missed, but I do understand. Thinking about the same thing right now. (And I must admit I giggled quite a bit about Della-ball).

  8. Aww, I will miss reading about all your fun adventures! :(. I guess I should get off the computer and go have some of my own :). Thanks for all the fun and inspiring stories! Tina

  9. I have only been following for a short time, but I will miss you, I love coming to your space.

  10. Write a book, Ivey!! Tell all of these stories in it. I know it will be a bestseller. All of those urban moms and mid-western housewives will be wantimg to be you, living the dream. Heck, maybe you'll even make it to Oprah!! But really, you are talented and such an engaging writer. You are a storyteller!! At least consisder the book idea. I believe you have a gift and you can earn an income with it!! Lets get the girls togeher on playdate soon! xo

  11. Ahhh - I will miss your awesome posts that keep me giggling!!!! You have a great perspective on life so I will cross my fingers that you will return with great plans. Good luck with figuring it all out!!!!
    Chey xo

  12. You make me laugh. Best of luck figuring "it out". Until then...

  13. Dear Ivey, don't know if I've ever commented before, I've been reading you for nearly two years now. I'm 28 and don't have kids (yet!), but I find you and your family incredibly inspiring. I read what you guys do and am utterly fascinated. You and Matt are the kind of parents I want to be for my own kids. I love love love to read about your three and all they are capable of doing, they're just wonderful!

    So before you leave, I wanted to say a big THAN YOU from the bottom of my heart for all the inspiration you've given me through this blog! You really make me want to become a better (and more relaxed! ;)) person.

    Hopefully you'll find a plan that works for you - until then, enjoy life!

    All the best and thanks again,

  14. I'm going to miss you. You have a uniqueness out here Ivey, a soul that is so dang real and tangible, so very rare in blogland. I hope you find it, whatever lays the platform for you to shine. Much love to you my friend and Colorado neighbor,
    looking forward to seeing what's in store for you. (ps. I would be so happy if you let me know if you are in the area ;).

    OH nd hugs to your awesome family too. I feel like I've gotten to know them a little (as much as bloggie world allows for that), and I think each and every one sparkle!!!
    cheers to you Ivey!!!

  15. Oh Ivey, I will miss reading your words!!! This doesn't mean I won't stalk you in every parking lot or store I see you in and tell you how great you are and that you should write a book! Which you should!!! I hope your new direction unfolds with ease.... Much love

  16. Well, I guess this means I need to get my butt in gear and just take a trip to see you in person! I am going to miss you my dear friend. You have made me laugh and brought a lot of joy to my visits here. Love you and please take care of yourself and your beautiful family.

  17. Well shit.

    But, I totally get it. I do. And I agree with Cheryl, you're book bound lady. Your perspective on life and your unique voice, would be consumed by the masses. They just have to find you.

    happy trails sister.

  18. i do hope you figure it out. i wobble between regular and logged off, myself. it's just all such a balance.

    don't be so selfish! We need YOU!!!!!

    No, I get it. In fact I really need to get my ass off the computer and get to sewing. But look at it this way: if you keep blogging, you will keep a connection out there that you really might draw on for business reasons someday. It's not hard to just post a photo up a few times a week and say something charming and funny (at least it's not hard for you.)
    Please consider. I would miss you so badly.
    Kiss your boy for me and don't let him ski with that cast. Period.

  20. Can we have one post a month? Or quarterly?? We need to be weaned off slowly. Kinda like binkies! But seriously...I understand the ebb and flow of seasons and life. Here's wishing you a glorious Spring filled with new life and new adventures!! We'll be watching for you!! xoxo


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